Patience is a virtue

Now this one may come as a shocker to those who are unaware of what Europe has to offer. I mean with the ancient architecture and intricate buildings, its easy to overlook the basic needs to survival…..eating.

My first experience eating out was frustrating to say the least. Where were the hosts to welcome you in? Or the overbearing waiter catering to your every need from water to the check? It took me only a solid 10 minutes to finally understand the concept of seating yourself. Okay fair enough, but where was the service when I wanted a refill, or perhaps another dish to consume?

My entire experience was just sitting in confusion, wondering if I was just plagued with an unlucky experience. But of course as it turns out…that’s the norm. Another wish-washy thing for me to figure out the hard and awkward way, but none the less interesting. Turns out that the French may be on to something with their less than attentive nature in the service industry. +

white dinnerware set on top of brown table
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