Why I Chose to Study Abroad

कैसे हो! मेरा नाम सुनीता कोनाथम है, और मैं ऑस्टिन, टेक्सास से एक वरिष्ठ  पूर्व-मेड बायोलॉजी प्रमुख हूं,  लेकिन इससे भी महत्वपूर्ण बात यह है कि मैं सबसे जोर से और गर्व करने वाला सदस्य हूं 2020 के फाइटिंग टेक्सास एग्गी क्लास का सर्वोच्च और गर्वित सदस्य हूं। ए-हूप! That’s Hindi for:  Howdy! My name... Continue Reading →

Arrivederci: FYI

The rush of emotions as you're preparing to embark on an experience of a lifetime can be overwhelming. Not knowing what to expect or, more importantly, how to prepare yourself is probably the hardest task before leaving the country. I was preparing for my three month study abroad program in Italy. However, I was not... Continue Reading →

Patience is a virtue

Now this one may come as a shocker to those who are unaware of what Europe has to offer. I mean with the ancient architecture and intricate buildings, its easy to overlook the basic needs to survival.....eating. My first experience eating out was frustrating to say the least. Where were the hosts to welcome you... Continue Reading →

Dress To Impress

This may come as a shocker for a few, but dressing in College Station during the winter time, does not prepare you for the real world of France. On the first day of classes I -being an amateur to French culture- assumed that I could get away with a bright Columbia jacket, only to be... Continue Reading →

Where’s the Hospitality?

Before diving into the abstract nature that is "Study Abroad," I want to emphasize that I was not aware of the cultural obscurities that took place in Paris, France. I thought that my perceived mastery of the French language and my recollection of Romantic French movies was enough to prepare me for my experience. Of... Continue Reading →

Catalonia Life

We all know Barcelona as one of Spain’s biggest, most exciting cities. A city filled with good weather, beaches, the Sagrada Familia, and tapas. What people don’t really know is that Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, a region of Spain which in a way has its very own identity. I have now been in... Continue Reading →

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